Dry Import Ltd. was founded on a commitment to wines and spirits. Traveling around the world, the list of lasting tasting experiences has grown so much that a decision has been made to create an Import / Export company that focuses on the import of special and premium wines and alcohols not yet marketed in Hungary. Our selection is constantly expanding and changing, as we continue to travel around the world and taste it.




The world-famous items of small handcrafted wineries or big houses, the key is the impeccable quality and enduring experience. Our goal is to distribute such drinks to private or hospitality partners. Our often changing selection is available on the website, or if you need a wine or spirits you can't find on the domestic market yet, we do everything to fill to hole.

For a personalized price list or a special request please contatc our colleagues.



We provide comprehensive advice for newly opened or already operating hospitality units. Whether it is staff training, purchasing equipment, building kitchens or even creating a complete restaurant concept, our expert partners and our competent team will develop the right plans for you.


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